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Zeta Vandyke

Dolls Delight - Moved and reopened!

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Dolls Delight has moved last week to a new and bigger sim to handle all the traffic and reduce lag. The building has finished and this week we have reopened our doors!

Our sim is an adult entertainment sim. Main focus on AFK sex dolls, but with a more fun and creative environment than most. Instead of a big room with as many adult furniture as possible we tried to create a bit more imaginative place and designed a town like sim with several themed area for our models and guests to hang out and entertain themselves.

  • Town square
  • Nightclub
  • Beach area
  • Park
  • Back alley
  • Subway (dungeon)
  • Rental square

With the move we also added a new area with rental rooms. These are all fun and diverse themed rooms, from bedrooms to lounges, bars and BDSM dungeons and more that can be rented by models or escorts who would like their own private area to entertain their guests. These rooms are very well suited for active escorting, as all are set up with several pieces of animated furniture to give variation and options.

In the club building we also have a top floor with several rooms that are free to use for couples that do not have access to their own private area, and would like to use our high quality animated furniture for their enjoyment. No fees charged, tips are welcomed of course!

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diablo/181/90/31

Image album: https://imgur.com/a/Aj2LV

Sim Layout:



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