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Mesh deformed when including Skin Weight

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I'm fairly new to mesh making and I just recently figured out how to rig a mesh,

so I made a shirt, it's properly deformed in blender, all bones are linked to the right area in weight paint mode (1(2).png)

but when I try to upload it, it is rotated to Y-axis (22.png)

and when I include skin weight, it is completely ruined (3.png)

And it is actually how it looks like if I upload it and wear it.

I've searched everywhere but can't really find a solution to this, I'd really appreciate it if you guys can give me some useful tips! :)

1 (2).png



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In SL, the Z axis is the vertical axis. Which I have no idea why.

Make sure you've checked the "Export to SL/Opensim" option on the left while exporting, and double check you're getting the result you want in Weight Paint mode by rotating the bones (shortcut R. don't even have to leave to go to pose mode) and seeing what happens. :)

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