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BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! 512m2 protected waterfront sale only for this weekend!!

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FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY UNTIL SUNDAY, I AM LOWERING THE PRICE OF ALL PARCELS BY 500-1000L (as I want to spend lindens on all these black Friday SL sales..lol!).  See below for new price for 2 days only and then i'm raising it back up.

Waterfront 512m2 parcels for sale.  All priced to go fast.  Perfect rectangle and waterfront.   If you are a premium member, all you got to do is abandon your linden home and you automatically can have one of these parcel tier (ie rent to SL) covered by your membership.  All you need to do is pay for the initial fee.



Protected, unblockable, grid edge - no one can ever build in front of this lot.  I scanned the area - the neighbour to the left is 14000L for 512m2, and the one on the right is 6500L for 512m2.  Keep looking - you will see pricing of the 512m2 that are on the grid edge from 7K-20K.   Mine is 3999L!!!  NOW 2999L for black friday sale this weekend. 175 prim, perfect rectangle 16 x 32.


If you want, waterfront that are cheaper  - see below - these are on open water, great sunrise views, lots of water around to swim or boat:



512m2, 16 x 32, perfect rectangle,waterfront on the left, 1499L, NOW 999L just for black Friday sale!  175 prim.


512m2, 16x32 perfect rectangle, waterfront on the right, 1499L, NOW 999L just for black Friday sale! 175 prim.

BUY ALL 3 TO MAKE A 1536m2 with 425 prim!!  Birds eye view of all 3 lots below.  IM jonhartigan for any questions.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 984 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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