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saara Christenson

✮ Looking For Roommates ✮

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Hello, I am a long time player with a lovely skybox, who would like to have some people to share it with. The skybox is 128x64 and also has a spot on the official ground too. The rooms and stuff are not there yet since I figured it would be best to listen to what kind of living situation the possible roommates like, you know mansions or single cabins for each one or whatever.


As for myself I am a ... weird person. I am a furry, but rarely use my furry avatar these days. Im mostly human or wolf. I rp in a wolf pack, which keeps me busy at times. I would like to think im an open person, since i have a very rainbow colored friend circle. I myself am some kind of a rainbow too.


Im not really good at this posting stuff, so I would much rather explain the details and stuff to those who are interested ^,...,^. Feel free to mesasge me inworld or comment below here. Im usually online from 11AM to 4PM SL time, and then im off for like 1-1,5 hours, sometimes less, then I return and im online till I fall asleep irl so like 5 more hours. I basically live in sl.


Thats all I can think of... soo, look forward to hearing from you all ^,...,^


(Oh and I dont have a decided number of how many roommates im taking so im going to just see how many are interested first)


~ Jazz

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I would be so glad to be a rommate with you seeing as I have had experience in a wolf pack aswell, I dont know about renting though, you can contact me in game or here ill be on from 12-11 am to pm most likely.

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