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Where i can find korean hairs and clothing

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Hi good day guys, i need help with something can someone tell me shops or where i can buy korean style or (k-pop) clothing and hairs? ill leave some examples











AND THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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for skins try to search for STRAY DOG , AVI GLAM , REBEL GAL / BOLD & BEAUTY

for hairs go for DURA or TAKETOMI / BURLEY 

for clothing maybe try to go SEMLLER / HIEMAL , BTTB or SEUL

well asian shapes is hard to find try to edt your shape, sometimes when u buy skins shapes are included

I make my own bento asian shape takes me 5 hours or days or more to get the asian look that i want so maybe u should try to edit your own shape too goodluck

https://gyazo.com/f659bca9308a7d23ecf09dfb8a133a3f   my avatar taken by my sl partner hehe 

still blurred :(

this is from STRAY DOG SKIN i just edit my own shape to look more unique :)

maybe soon ill open a store and sell my asian shapes still thinking coz im so busy working irl 

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