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Aphyliscious Twine

Corner parcel 1245 prims for $1059 a week

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Hiya! Thanks for peeping in to check us out. If you are interested in renting somewhere that is family friendly and where you can have your breedables too then please come on over and check us out. If you decide you want to rent you will need to read the covenant pay the teir box adjacent to the parcel (its named the same as your parcel lot)  then buy the parcel for $1 linden. You can change the parcel name, description and music if you choose to. There is an orb provided to you if you would like to use it or you can use your own.  We also can add a house to your parcel if you dont have one. If you need landscaping done let us know and we will be able to help you. If we put out a house or landscaping for you it will count toward your prim count! If you need any assistance with anything please feel free to IM Stormy Applewhyte or Aphyliscious Twine.

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