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Just now, Shanna Rhiano said:

I use the Firestorm viewer.  Thought this was related to that.  Guess not.

I'm using Singularity and it is doing it on there too

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@ema Arida There is a JIRA about these partial logins. The region renders, you can turn but not move, TP, chat... This seems to be caused by bad LM's... not the one you are using, those in inventory and Favorites. So, if you are certain you are not having network issues, and a good connection to the Internet does not mean you have a good connection to the SL servers, then put your LM's in a notecard or two and stash it/them then delete the LM's. You can do this while you are stuck. Relog.

I suggest you relog first, before doing ANYTHING else. That is the easy troubleshooting step. If the problem persists, then try the more complex steps.

I also suggest you start with JUST your Favorites... If the problem persists, bundle up all the LM's.

If this allows you to login, it is the bad LM thing. The JIRA is in progress and the problem is being tracked down.

You can start unpacking LM's and putting them back into inventory. Do small groups. If you hit the stuck-login, the bad LM will be in the last batch restored.

Oh... and if this LM and login problem makes no sense to you... you are in good company. I just went through it.

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