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I can't read profiles nor change mine. Error message> Frame load interrupted by policy change.

Molokai Sharkfin
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There isn't any lag and I have allowed the profile to upload in its own time and the error message "Frame load interrupte​d by policy change" still appears :( Seems like there are others who are experiencing the same too, when I asked about the problem in Help Island Republic. The same thing appears when I look at their profiles :/

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Uh oh, what did they break now? :(

Is either one of you a premium member that can try to get an anwer out of LiveChat and post it back here?

If not you will likely need to submit a ticket and check if it has already been reported as bug on the JIRA.

At least there are other viewers that will work for you in the meantime, maybe they were trying to fix the blank profilles so many people have and broke something else.

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