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To pay or not to pay?

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I am completely new to this site and I wonder if anyone can tell me the advantages or disadvantages of paying the monthly fees for premium membership. I started with a free account, and I find it overwhelming to learn how to do all these things. I might be going away for a few months, but eventually I might want to settle down here. Should I upgrade the account now or wait? Do most people have the premium and not free account? What difference is it?

thank you for being nice and answering the questions of an utter newbie.

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A search of the forums will result in many discussions of this, but it all boils down to what you consider to be of benefit to your account.  My guess is that there are far more free accounts that paid.  If you decide to go that route, but are leaving for a few months, I sure wouldn't bother paying until you are back.

As to the benefits / perks:
- 512 sqm tier allowance that you can use by either getting a Linden Home or apply towards tier after buying some Mainland
- L$300 stipend each week
- 60 groups instead of ?? 42 ?? (not sure of the non-Premium limit)
- Access to some Premium only areas (sandboxes, hunts, some race location, etc)
- Ability to get into "full" events a little easier
- Access to Live Chat if you have issues - rather than just Support tickets (and I think you get more options on Support tickets)
- Some Premium gifts now and then
- 90 days of Transaction History rather than just 30 days
 (possibly a few other things that aren't coming to mind right now)

If you decide to go that route, the yearly payment is the cheapest if you can afford it.

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