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As somebody who wishes to get into creating multi-textured anything.. I am still primitive in the fact that I do not know where to look for a HUD to customize (I guess?) into becoming a HUD for selecting hair textures out of multiple textures to apply to a mesh hair.. or any object I wish to have multiple colors of something for. Where does one go about finding a color changing HUD?

I mean.. I make my own textures for stuff.. so I do not need something pre-loaded at all if I do not have to have one.. but where does one start?

or... How does one start making one? Any learning curves I have to look into?

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You can poke around in free script libraries, ask in the Wanted forum, or pay for a color changing script in Marketplace.  It's a pretty simple application and there are plenty of them out there.  Chances are pretty good, though, that a generic script isn't going to be satisfactory for your specific application, because it wasn't designed for that particular linkset or for handling textures just the way you way it to. If you are not a scripter, you can either make friends with one or simply advertize in the InWorld Employment forum for someone to write a custom script that does exactly what you want.

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