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need great shield no rezz

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Defense tools, are the same as offense tools, in this regard. There are countless ones available on the MP, I suggest searching if you are determined to use one(they can be considered griefing tools in and of themselves, use with caution, lest you wish to get your own self in trouble with landowners).

There are ways to stop folks from pushing, you can use movelock (I don't knwo where it's located in the sl viewer, in firestorm-at least the phoenix setup, it's under the first tab, avatar I believe is what it is labeled-I'm not logged in at this second so I can't check, down under movement) so people can't push you, or even sit on something and it will stop people from pushing/moving/orbiting you.

The best defense against *most* griefers, including kiddies just playing with their toys, is to not engage. That means giving them no reaction, ignoring, moving yourself if necessary, etc... Some will tell you "that lets them win"...those some, will be wrong, nearly every single time. ;) 

Sorry you're dealing with jerks, but, in all honesty, they're pretty easy to spot, and to stop, without even needing tools :) I run into them in sandboxes any time I choose to go somewhere other than my usual one (which sits mostly empty 95% of the time). I ruin all their fun, because I don't particularly care what they do, I can easily remove myself from the situation, or ignore them, and let them play if they so choose-they get bored super fast when I don't react. 

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2 hours ago, Marwancomte said:


im looking for a deffence hud or shield working in no rezz area ! to stop taggers and pushers players !

Type Shift+Alt+S. That will cause your avatar to sit down and it's the only thing that works against pushers.

But really, find somewhere else to hang out. There are more than twenty thousand sims in Second Life and there can't be more than 50 or so of them that are infested by griefers -  probably far less.

In case you follow my advice to find somewhere else to go and don't want to end up in the same mess at your new hangout, here are some of the best known griefer lairs:

  • Social Island 1-9
  • All the "Safe" hubs
  • Barbarossa
  • Freebie Galaxy
  • Sandbox Island and Sandbox Island Extension
  • Sandbox Wanderton/Cordova/Newcomb/Goguen

If you don't like griefers, stay away from those dumps. And don't worry about it, they're all good riddance anyway.

You may also be a bit careful with

  • London City - I've been told they have a griefer problem there but I've never noticed myself
  • Mauve - used to be one of the worst griefer hangouts but it got so bad that even Linden Lab noticed and realized they had to do something about it. Not sure if the cleanup had a permanent effect though.
  • Boardroom - I've been told it's a griefer place but that may be just rumours. It looked very nice and peaceful the one time I visited it myself
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thanks for the reply ; yes i do was already do what you told me up , 

well thats my situation , i cant join social island 1-9 a man sent me invisible bots and taggs with bad words and  they hide my avatar , in addition to the bots follow me evry where in Social islands and sometimes in sandbox island , i cant join my firends there ! 

i can sit down to stop phush , but the bots hide my avatar and they sent me messages so i cant see any thing just big blue window with bad words 

Thats why im looking for shield , my firnds still always in social island so its to sad 

"iknow hos do that to me , i repported him and all bots , but nothing happened"

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A shield in SL is just an illusion of security or protection. All it really is is just eye candy. I'm saying this as a shield creator myself and I make the best eye candy.


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