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Looking for a Queen/sim leader

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I Am in the process of writing for a medieval fantasy sim.  The sim is divided into clans. Right now we need two mores queens and king to fill the remaining three clans.  Two of those clans are aligned with good, the third is neutral!  I Am primarily looking to fill the position of the magical queen or king. It does not matter if the LEAD is  king of queen. How ever they would be playing my mother or father. So They would have to be a witch or a elf! Or both.   it is lead position, so you would be in charge of that clan within the boundaries of the story line.  There are a variety of races allowed and it is an Adult rated RP Sim. Preferably para rp is desired. 


   little bit of background on the sim. The world in which this sim takes place, was created by the supreme beings of the infinite ones.  A small group of them came together and made this world.   And divided it up into five clans. Each being built and created a clan in its mirror image. The supreme beings are only figure heads, they will not be played they are simply part of the history! Now the clans are divided.. Some get along, some dont.. All clans have something to offer the others to keep doors and communication open. Some clans are on the brink of war.   Its a unique story, and it has races with unique descriptions  and this sim specific. Please me Alitthea resident  (Saraya ) inworld.. Notecards are welcomed :) 

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