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Looking for the services of a military super power with no political ties or agenda? Maybe your a person who needs private transport for yourself or freight needs. Needing a little more security to back your police for? Then Royal Services can help. We are a private military corporation with many skills and can provide you with the right man power for any situation. 

If your a contractor and looking to join our ranks please message Colonel Temp Harrison (mrharrisonofreaper) in-world or reply to this post. Weapons training and flight training can do provided. 







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So I run a para-military outfit/PMC in SL and I’ve always have trouble finding clients and even people to join my group. I’m not even 100% sure there is a military group that actually does VICE combat and is organized. Any ideas on how to recruit or even find other groups to rp with?

-Col. Temp Harrison 

Royal Services & Aviation

Hawkside Airfield  

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