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                         7th Coast Guard Needs You!

So you're interested! That's awesome... 
We're looking for Dedicated People. Just like you, to step forward and take on the most important job ever "Saving lives". 
This is more than simple roleplay, it's a reality! Just like the real life Coast Guard, we take our jobs seriously, with 46 rescues to date... Its definitely challenging. Not a day goes by where the excitement and adventure is being part of this team. 
"That's why we need you, to become team player". Never know what situation will arise. Heist, kidnappings, either air or ship rescue. But with your help, we all succeed.

Currently have opportunities for you, with the advancement and training.

Position opportunities (Listed below positions needing filled first to last in order) can be filled by any Gender:
 RB-45 Patrol Boat crews
 Cutter Crewman
 Cutter Commanders
 MSST Team
 MSRT Team
 Medical staff =Doctors,Nurses (Large Hospital)
 Rescue Divers
 Air Medics

Info on MSST Teams (MSST  "Maritime Safety and Security Teams" dealing with Anti-terrorism)
Providing waterborne anti-terrorism and shore-side Anti-terrorism, force protection for strategic shipping, high interest vessels, and critical infrastructure, Maritime Law.

(Special capabilities include)
 Waterside Security
 Maritime Law Enforcement
 K9 explosive detection teams

Info on MSRT Teams (MSRT "Maritime Security Response Team" is the only unit withing the CoastGuard that has counter-terrorism capabilities to conduct action against hostile targets)

(Special Capabilities include)
 Counter-terrorism (CT)
 Direct Action (DA)
 Advanced Interdiction (AI)
 Hostage Rescue/Personnel Recovery
 Small Unit Tactics
 Counter Assault
 Tactical Maritime Law Enforcement
 Medium to High risk boardings (Level III & IV)
 Airborne Use of Force (AUF)
 K9 explosive detection

Now there are roles that do require - Capable computer systems! Ask about opportunities just for you...

achillez resident - 7th coastguard CAPTAIN
noelspromise resident - 7th coastguard DOCTOR/COMMANDER
natsumi latour - 7th coastguard DISPATCHER/NURSE

7th Coast Guard.png

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