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Chic Aeon

Corrupted Inventory in ONE account Firestorm

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Happily this isn't MY account, but my alt has some very very odd issues.

The first I noted was that the Favorites Bar was missing. That turned out to be because there were NO LANDMARKS in the landmark folder. Many many empty folders. Clearing cache didn't fix things. HOWEVER nothing is actually missing (well at least not obviously) as logging in on the Linden viewer has landmarks in the Landmarks folder and many more folders with items than show up in Firestorm.

The thing that is very odd to me is that My account and another alt account are just fine and this account was as it should be yesterday afternoon. I read that things were bad yesterday but this seems extremely odd. Any advice would be helpful. It isn't a huge thing as it is a testing alt for permissions and such and doesn't have a giant special inventory, but would be nice to get it fixed. Thinking worse case I could wait until the next update of FS comes out and that will likely fix it.


Thank Whirly or whoever is smart this morning. 

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If your missing inventory on the affected account is all present on the LL viewer, then it's most likely to be a borked Firestorm inventory cache for the affected account.
A cache clear should fix it though if that's the problem.

Work through the relevant steps on http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory & let me know if it doesn't fix the problem.

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