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..~*^*~.Searching for fantasy/mystfolk RPers to play my characters children.~*^*~..

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Hello! So you think you're interested in RPing as my mystfolk child in a fantasy/medieval RP sim? 

I am looking for someone who either role-plays as, or is keen to RP as a faun/satyr or fae. 

Let me tell you a little bit about my character...

Name: Lúcuma Lúminos
Age: 208 (About 30)
Race: Half Faery, Half Mer
Mate: Baneberry (Satyr) - (Missing) 
            2 Sons: - Kale (Triton Mer) - Of Age 18+
                        - Basil (Fae/Faun/Satyr) - 'Deceased' at birth but potentially alive at toddler/3 year old) 

            2 Daughters (Non-Identical Twins) 
                        - Tulsi (Fae/Faun/Satyr) -  Toddler/3 years
                        - Mulberry (Fae/Faun/Satyr) - Toddler/3 years

You could potentially apply for any of the children above, if you are unhappy with the names/ages then that is something we could discuss. However it is the two twin daughters that I am hoping to find! 

Please tell me about yourself: 

SL Name: 
Role applying for: {insert name here} Child
Mystfolk sub race: Satyr? Faun? Fae? 
Time Zone: 

Other RP sims RPed at?


RPed as a mystfolk before? 

Tell me a little bit about yourself/Reasons for applying: 

If you IM me (Vanillla Resident) then I'd be happy to further discuss some RP ideas/etc. 

For further reading, please go to: 

Thank you! 



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