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$150 USD Bounty - Need sample HTTP code to pass large LSL list

Stefan Buscaylet

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I'm running into a deadline for an LSL project i want to complete and am looking to get a shortcut from someone i'm sure already knows the answer to.  I've used this bounty like scheme in the past and it worked well so i thought i'd try it again.  I will revise/delete this post after the bounty has been paid.

Needing a solution for:

  1. I have a LSL list in script in a HUD i offer for sale.  The list is currently about 8KB in size and could grow to as large as 16KB.  Example list entries look like ["O019: Fire",<255,70,0>,"R029: Plasa Red",<225,0,60>,"LCyan",<29.07,202.98,234.09>...]
  2. I own an off grid server that can be accessed by PHP and MYSQL
  3. I'd like to have each customer of a HUD i'm building to be able to "save" this LSL list which would message my PHP/MYSQL server and store this list against the llGetOwner() UUID
  4. I'd like to then be able to "restore" this list where my PHP/MYSQL list would then retrieve this list from my PHP/MYSQL server using the UUID as the key  and update my LSL list
  5. This needs to be as atomic as possible.  I'm not ok with breaking the 16KB list into several HTTP requests as it might corrupt the data.  It would be much better for the entire save/restore to fail than it would be to have it partially update.
  6. It needs to follow basic security standards not allowing special characters like " and ' to break the PHP/MYSQL script.

I've done this before using HTTP Get syntax and i'm pretty sure with HTTP GET you can't include sufficient information to allow it to store 16KB of data.  I'm suspecting this will require the use of HTTP Put to push the data to my external server.

Steps to get paid the bounty

  1. Message Stefan Buscaylet and ask what ever questions you have.  Agree to that you'll offer full source code that has full royality free license to use in my application and you're welcome to use or sell the code again for your application.  Stefan agrees to never publish the source of the code offered.
  2. Develop the solution and test yourself
  3. Pass Stefan an LSL script with full rights that I can put into a prim that when touched demostrates the storage and retrival of the LSL list upto 16KB in size and includes the code to compare the two lists to ensure they are identical.  Stefan may stuff in other UUIDs to demostrate it can store multiple UUIDs
  4. Stefan pays 50% of the bounty to your paypal. At which point you pass me the full source code of the PHP and MYSQL code.  Stefan pays you the remaining 50% bounty.  If you'd prefer to have a trusted 3rd party involved that we can both agree to that is fine also. I promise you i'm not trying to scam anyone.

I hope this is a good deal for someone.  I suspect someone who has done this before can write this in 2-3 hours.  If not lets talk.


Thank you for your professional consideration.

---Stefan Buscaylet




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2232 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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