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Animations use wrong axis

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Hello, I am trying to make a Quadruped avatar using the bento skeleton. (I also use the Firestorm Viewer)

I have animated and rigged it already, but the problem is that the animations do not work in SL as expected.

It appears as though the axis of rotation for the bones has changed in the transition from Blender to Second Life.


I'm really not sure why this is happening. I have included all joint positions in uploading the mesh. 


I made a running animation for my Quad avatar. when I try to preview it in Second life, it looks more like a worm with legs rocking side to side.


Here's what it is in Blender:


Here's the result in the Firestorm Viewer:


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I think it all depends by the export using BVH format, perhaps using Blender's native BVH exporter. What i see in your animation looks like wrong rotation order on the character and/or on a per-bone basis. I would start by making sure that your character faces the positive X axis and that ALL bones have a roll value of zero degrees. If i recall right, that exporter also has a checkbox "Export for SL" or a similar name, which should be enabled. Blender defaults the avatar front to the negative Y axis for mirroring purposes across the X axis (mirror works for armatures only this way), which is not SL's character orientation.

If this is the case, to make it compatible is pretty easy: delete all animations first, rotate the armature in OBJECT MODE (very important) so that the avatar looks in the +X direction, then CTRL+A and Apply Rotation. Assuming that also all bone rolls are set to zero, your animation should now work

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Now that i'm looking at it again, i think that you did all the rigging work in Blender with no plug in, and the whole process you did is based on a skeleton that faces the -Y axis. Avastar users get the benefit of the default Blender behavior because the scripts do the orientation fix upon export. This is due to Blender's being limited in the rigging/animation mirroring feature, that can happen only across the X axis. So to keep this functinality, the collada exporter in Avastar does a conversion for you. However, if you work without Avastar, the default orientation doesn't work. Actually, it works but it screws your avatar's orientation and posing, in your case it's just visible as an animation issue because your mesh carries joint positions, which deforms the skeleton as you expect, just facing sideways, and animations roll with flipped directions.

When LL created the avatar, they made it in Maya. It was originally made in centimeters scale and facing the +X axis (see picture below). That's exactly the same orientation you must have in order to have the skeleton information right for both rigging and animation export using the BVH exporter that Blender offers/offered (i don't know, i don't use Blender anymore since years and i'm not up-to-date).

You can actually see what I'm talking about when you wear a rigged mesh. Initially, it rezzes like a static mesh for a couple of seconds, before it snaps to the intended place. Notice how content that was made in Blender using Avastar, shows up in that brief moment as rotated and facing sideways to the right. Content made in Maya, shows as static mesh facing the correct direction from the start. Conform your Blender scene and avatar orientation to these standards, and both mesh and animations should come through correctly


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