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One small shop is available for rent next to the Buzzy Bee Rentals office in General-rated Dzalarhons, next to the Route 8A mainland road on the Satori continent.

The minimum cost is L$30 per week with 10 prims/LI. More are available at L$1 per prim/LI per week. 

The shop's land-parcel can be updated with your business name, description, texture and music channel. A sign can be added to the front of the building.

For an additional L$30 a week (Linden Lab's charge) I can list your business in the SL search engine.

An information box can be found inside the available shop. Alternatively, contact Bee Nexen inworld for further information.

Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/208/25/99




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As of 18 November 2017, we have one shop available (a different one than mentioned previously). Click the link in the original post to visit.

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