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Bufferty Jewell

Can't log in to SL

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I keep getting this message

 "Log in failed. Second life cannot be accessed from this computer. If you feel this is an error please contact support@secondlife.com"

I get an automated email redirecting me saying the support system has changed. Sends mt to SL help page.

I have searched through all the options for sending a ticket none seem to apply.

I do not have a premium accout.

Can anyone help please.

And by the way, i have certainly not done anything inappropriate !


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try resetting your router, your ISP probably has a dynamic IP pool meaning you get a new IP# everytime you turn on the router and you got stuck with an IP# that was banned.

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Abigail is probably right. If you haven't been banned, then the error message is inappropriate. You can try to get a new IP address and see if that resolves it.

On some networks simply restarting the modem will get you a new IP Address. On my COX connection I have to leave the modem off for hours to get a new IP.

Visit http://whatismyipaddress.com/ before you try to change it. Get your IP and then check again after you try to change it to be sure it changed.

If changing the address does not fix it, call Linden Lab or if you are not any a hurry, file a trouble ticket in support. It can take some time to get a response. The better you describe the problem and title the case, the faster you'll get a response. I am hearing that support is resonding faster.


Check your email spam and see if Linden Lab sent you an email. You may have been banned by mistake. If so, you should have gotten an email recounting your sins and listing your options. If not, you may have inherited a previous banned IP address.

Also, hardware can be banned. Have you tried logging into your account from a different computer? If that works, you will have to talk to LL to get the hardware ban lifted.


We are assuming your are using a SL Viewer. If not, support will give you a hard time.

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