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18th Century Pirate/Navy/Mer Roleplay needs you!

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Pirate's Destiny needs active roleplayers, battlers and anyone who's curious about 18th century roleplay.  We are an adult rated sim so there are no child avatars allowed.  There are plenty of opportunities to RP, be it pirate, smuggler, navyman, mer, tavern wench, drunken townsfolk and such.  We have a new meter in the works that is based on but a great improvement of the SPD system used in most period rp's of this type.  Built in crafting, gathering, trade, as well as combat too.  The whole 12 sim estate includes a skybox forest area as well as open seas for sailing. 

What can you do in Pirate's Destiny?

- Raid towns

-Shoot navy personnel

-Shoot pirates

-Build a trade empire

-Conquer new lands


-Take over ships

The choices are yours!

There is a requirement of 18th century period attire and there is a welcome area that has various clickable npcs who will guide you on your way to roleplay.  ((Also if need be you can contact me for help, I'm the Swede not hard to miss me ;) )) 

Come by and see us! 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nassau 1700/130/145/3998


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