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Farm Slaves Wanted

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I am looking for slaves (males and females). I have a farm house, plants and equipment and i need slaves to work for me. I cover every expense including rent, utilities, and groceries. The slaves will live at the farm house. A new farm house, bigger and better equipped, will be built in the next weeks. Preferred time is CET (SLT+9), i am italian so you get the idea of the times i can be online *smiles*

The farm is a working and scripted farm who produces food and animals. It is headed by myself and my IC brother and I have positions open for female and male slaves. What I am looking for is quite simple. I am a Dominant of Medieval nature (IC i am between Vikings and Game Of Thrones, if you know the tv-shows that's a plus!), who seek to speak with those of true "slave heart". I am are NOT interested in players, those but looking for some "kinky fun", nor those looking to be but sex toys. To Me, those are but a dime a dozen, and can be found on any street corner, sort of speak. 

Slaves are assigned farm chores, errands, shop duties and domestic management / chores. You will be given a nice place to live in exchange for duties that include, sex slavery, chores, farm work and so on. You will be expected to live in the kennels in the next building of my new place and given a family to support immediately. You will serve Me and my IC brother in a variety of ways. You will be given duties and things to accomplish while living under this roof. You will be fed (yes, the HUD we use has hunger, disease and health can get bad!) and taken care of and have a nice place to live but it will be hard work and not all about sex or bdsm. This takes a special person and one that is not lazy and consumed by sex: for us sex is part of the game, not the game. But you will be expected to be a no limit or very close to a no limit sex slave in the periods when you are used as such. 

Remember this is a farm! There's work to do! We make and sell RP food and products and we will establish commercial trades with other farms, we will roleplay with others that are in the same farming RP we are in; i assume you get the idea and if you have half a brain you will understand what will be expected so if you seek true slavery this might be a very good stop for you. I look forward to hearing from any potential slave for the interview and visit. I do not expect you to commit right off the get without first seeing what you have to look forward to. This is your chance to live the life you desire in servitude, if you are willing to work for it. If you work hard and play nice with others you may be chosen to please the Lady or the brother. The male slave will never interact sexually with the brother, the female may be used as we see fit.

If you are not serious and willing to work and serve do not waste my time. If you do waste my time, you will be ignored in the future. You have one chance to make a first impression and take advantage of the opportunity I am extending to you.


Other required tasks will be discussed in a meeting. Contact me by notecard (IMs get capped) --> ladyalexxandra resident

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