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1/6 Corner Sim - Split Level with Beach Bluffs - MUST SEE!

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See the difference professional landscaping makes ...
... expect a little more in Willowdale Estate

Corner Lots - 1/6 sim - Serious Luxury!
11,264 sqm - 3437 prims
first week included in purchase price

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faelynd/201/44/25 (Faelynd 5 - Corner Sim with SUNRISE VIEW! - Woodland with waterfall, swan pond, full wrap-around private beach you can walk around with large swimming area! New BEACH BLUFFS - new cliffs, new waterfalls, new beach, new waves - more room for larger houses than my original layout - Serious Luxury! - MUST SEE!!! - many, many extras!)


Lot sizes available from 2560 sqm to 1/4 sim - all full prim sims

For a complete listing please visit:

or inworld:
Vist the Willowdale Estate Rental Office:

Contact IMAGIN ILLYAR for more information.

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