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Hi There!

My name Is Henry.

I'm a Senior Environment Artist @ Rebellion Developments ( A Game Studio in the UK ).
I Started as a Builder in Second LIfe & Wanted to Reach out and teach all the industry standards & Techniques. 


I'm offering Private & Class Sessions where you will learn everything from creating low poly models to High poly full detailed models

The Sessions will go over the following:


Learning about textures & their uses.

(Albedo/Diffuse, Roughness/Glossiness, Specular, Normal, Height, World Space Normals & Also Custom Normals (Not to mention Ambient Occlusion and Cavity Maps.)

how they work, what they do & when to use them.


Learning about modelling techniques.

Different workflows for creating realistic and believable looking models to sell in world or online. (or for your portfolio)


Learning about Terrains.

Using specific programs & techniques, learn how to make RAW Terrain data to import into SL's terrain system.

Also learn to make Vistas (Distance Islands & Mountains)

Also learning to make the Texture maps for the Detail

Learn to make Foliage

The best practices & how to make photo realistic LOW Poly (Prim) Models

all these sessions are £39.95 Per hour and you can do as many hours or as little as you want, spread out for as long as you feel until you feel ready.


There is also the possibility of Receiving a Certificate acknowledged by Artstation by Leonard Teo. 


Here is my Portfolio:



Email me or Skype me @ Meshcore@Live.co.uk

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