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Feral Wolves Seeking Puppies!

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My partner and I are looking to bring some wolf puppies into our family. We have human forms as well as wolf, though this roleplay will focus on the wolves alone - we can be our wolves at any time. We enjoy spending time at our skydome as well as exploring the grid and visiting sims made for feral roleplay.

  • Times we're online: 6pm SLT to 10pm SLT, although these times may vary
  • Avatar required: Red Remora Wolf Pup, TWI Timber Wolf [smallest body mod required], OR WH Mesh Puppy
  • Roleplay required: At least some emoting. Single line or paragraph. Chatting OOC is fine, but we do a lot of emoting

Dedication to this roleplay is not required. It is perfectly fine for the puppies to have other families or other roleplays they are in, however we do not want applicants to simply stop coming around after three days. We will do a trial with interested applicants and go from there.

Questions or concerns? Ask away!


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