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Wild West RP in Utah anno late 1800

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Pioneer Village in Utah invites everyone to come and rp together with us in old west settings. We can offer many different roles for you to have but welcomes others to. Open for rentals to and  a lot of horse activities also.  

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UT Utah/115/107/29

Visit land or contact Mayor Chey (poehina) or Sheriff Hrolf (rolfkrak) in case you are interested in one of our exciting roles 

- Rangers
- Rail Road Workers
- Natives
- Journalist
- Attorneys
- Priest 
- Nurses 
- Traders
- Inn keeper (Saloon)
- Bartenders (Saloon)
- Dancers
- US soldiers
- Teacher
- Orphanage (kids)
- Miners
- Outlaws
- Chef (Saloon)

About Pioneer Village and Utah: 

Traditional 1800s wild west sim located in beautiful UTAH. Pioneer village offers all wild west rp. So come enjoy the fun. Log cabin for rent 100 prims for 250 L (week). Many horse activities:  Barrel race - Show Jumping - Cross Country  - Pole Bending - Horses Facilities - Stables - Nature - Teegle - TWI - Water Horse - 


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