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Problem open a menu

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Good morning everyone!

Recently I have a problem ... I can not open menus of objects placed directly on a sim.

What happens ... I press the object to open it, but it stays with my name engraved in it and without opening the menu that allows me to perform actions with the object; only lights up with my name and ... well it stays stuck without doing absolutely nothing.

Has this happened to anyone? What solution did you find to bring up the menu of the object placed in the sim?

Greetings and waiting for an answer, I pay attention to your comments.

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Not enough information to say for sure but the object may be scripted to not respond to a mouse click. It could also be scripted to respond to a mouse click but the script is broken. You could try going into build mode and looking at the object's contents if it is modifiable. The sim also needs to allow scripts too.

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