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Draft horse looking for a new home

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IC:  "Phantom' is an 11 year old Clydesdale gelding. Has a kind disposition, though can be lazy at times. Trained under both English and western, as well as cart pulling (does not come with cart). Can sometimes have the attitude of a pony. Is great around children and other horses.

OOC: Hi! I'm looking for a new place to rp! I'm an experienced RPer, been rping for YEARS and years. I'm looking for any rp place thats suitable for horse avatars. Royalty and historic rp's are my number one favourite places, but family homes and farms are just as nice as well!  I'm in the process of changing jobs so my schedule might be willy nilly  at first. I have allll sorts of stuff for my own avatar, tack and stuff (still no cart), and the best way to reach me is in game at ariya.stonehall , but I can also respond to replies here as well! 

This might come off as snobbish but I'm really only looking for people who are big into rp as well, I use emotes as my way of rping, and I'd like someone/someplace that knows and uses them as well. 


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