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Scam attempt - Precautionary


I was targeted by someone sending scripts.

I placed it on the ground and was prompted to send L$. Obviously I hit deny but was that the wrong move?

Should I suppose to delete it and not answer at all? could I still be endanger of losing L$

Just wonder if I should take more action


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30 minutes ago, Ettinn said:

I hit deny but was that the wrong move?

That was exactly the right move, and that's why the PERMISSION_DEBIT parameter forces your viewer to open a little dialog box that asks you whether you are sure that you want to give someone permission to take L$ from your account.  Some people still click YES blindly, or because English is not their first language, but the warning is supposed to make you stop and think.  You were very wise to do that.

Now, as long as you have deleted it and deleted the copy that remains in your inventory, you are perfectly safe.  The only "other action" that you should have taken was to right click on it and select EDIT to see who created it.  Then, you should have submitted an Abuse Report that includes that information, plus the name of the object and where you got it (or who you got it from).  THEN delete it.

EDIT: Incidentally.... This is a fine point and slightly off topic, but that person did not send you a script.  He sent you an object that contained a script.  You cannot rez a script by dragging it to the ground.  A script can only exist in world if it is in an object, and (like all other items) it cannot do anything at all while it is in your inventory.  Therefore, if someone actually does give you a script, you are in no danger unless you deliberately put it into some object and start playing with it.  A nice safe rule is to leave things alone unless you know what they do or were given to you by someone whom you trust. After a while, as you develop some street smarts and confidence, you can try messing with unknown objects.  Not yet.  ;)

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