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I deeded my land to a group, and then it sold.

Now, I want to replace it with another parcel, but when I click to buy the land, it tells me my tier will increase because I already hold enough land to bump it up...but the land has been sold, and I've received the payment.

I want to buy the parcel I found before someone else does, but am hesitant because I don't want to pay more tier.  This parcel is the same size as the one I sold, so why is it telling me it will cost me more?


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59 minutes ago, DragonLady Merlin said:

Never mind; the landowner and I figured it out. :)

let me guess :) ... it was still donated at a group

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Well, let us actually answer the OP's question...

1) You don't pay "tier" - you pay "Land Use" fees at a particular tier.

2) When you are billed for Land Use fees, it is not calculated on how much land you own now. Rather it is calculated on the most land you have owned during the billing period and thus you are billed at the tier level for that amount. If you own 1024, buy another 1024, then immediately sell the first 1024 you will be billed at 2048 tier level (you have at one time - even for a few seconds - owned 2048 M2) - so sell the first 1024 BEFORE you buy the next 1024 to remain at that tier level. Now for the OP's scenario:

You own a group that owns 1024 M2 - Since the land is owned by the group, the group cannot pay for the land: YOU (or others in the group) must *donate* land use fees to cover that cost. IF that land is sold, you are still donating that 1024 M2 to *the group*. So now you and the group now do not own any land, but you want to buy another 1024 M2 of land (the same one or a different one) - here is what is happening:

You are still donating the first 1024 *to the group* so the GROUP can own land. If you buy new 1024 - that is a total of 2048 of land use you are now responsible for: The 1024 for the land you just purchased + the 1024 you are donating to the group. This will raise your tier level to 2048.


1 Buy the land FOR THE GROUP. You already donate the 1024 to the group, so the group can now purchase land up to 1024 (Actually a little more as group-owned land gets a slight bonus)

2.In your account page at secondlife.com - remove your donation of 1024 M2 to the group - so you are not donating anything to the group - now buy the land as you normally would. You can then (if desired) deed it to the group again.

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Added some clarifications
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