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New to Second Life RP

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Hey everyone! A friend of mine got me into Second Life today due to seeking Roleplay that i can't seem to find in games, I am a furry and I tend to lean more toward the feral furs with a albino white wolf fursona i've been tweaking with the avatar in game. The main thing I've been seeking is is an owner for him, preferably long term, both general and adult themed rps welcomed though. Cuddling, Slice of life public, really I've discovered Second Life is where his rp could thrive and I'd love to simply meat people in general!

Over all though I'm not sure if RP hubs exists in SL and if they do, where to find them or specific sims.

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6 hours ago, Sylvanwoods said:

meat people

That's a slightly concerning typo from a wolf ;P

And well, I don't have any specific sim suggestions, but as you also asked for something like RP hubs, I thought I'd mention the inworld groups Seeking Roleplay and Roleplay Finder. Sim owners often advertise in those groups and the chat can be a way to meet other players. Good luck!

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