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Small Subdivision Rental for $265L p/wk Non furnished or furnished

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I have a small subdivided parcel with building included on my family farm for rent, starting at $265L per week for a 150 Prim allowance, or $300L per week if you would like us to furnish it for you. 

This is good for single avatars, avatars transitioning between homes, or single couples. We are renting out this parcel to help pay tier and offer some of our unused space. We are a breedable and child friendly family, residing on a quiet, moderate rated sim.


- Security system

- Full privacy subdivided parcel with fence

- Dance post 

- 2 story building with rooftop patio

- Freedom to use our yard & farm space (That is also subdivided from the other parcels!) 

- Private functional theater room (stocked with movies!)


- Adult stuff should happen in the privacy of your own parcel and they must abide by terms of service 

- Please be courteous of your prim limit 


Please use my contact form here, my IM's get capped and notecards often get eaten. I am DJxPurity Resident in world. 

Subdivision Rental.png

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