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Someone turned my avatar into a noob.

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Hey. not so long time ago something happened to me - interesting and strange. Someone turned my avatar into a noob. completely replaced the shape and skin and clothing! I was very surprised. does anyone know what can make such a change without my permission? I did not press anything. The rlv is not enabled. Thank you.

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Two things occur to me:

1. You have been wearing a mesh avatar all this time and never noticed what your real "classic" avatar inside the mesh shell looks like.  You may have detached the mesh avatar so that you are suddenly looking at the real you for the first time. 

2. You tried using Advanced >>> Avatar >>> Character Tests >> Test Male without realizing that it automatically resets your av to a default newbie.

Or, you might have done the Character Test a long time ago, not seen any result, and forgotten about it. Then you detached your mesh avatar and exposed the newbie.

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Did you click on a link?
It's possible to replace your outfit by clicking on a link of the form secondlife:///app/wear_folder/?folder_id=<inventory_folder_uuid>
If the folder UUID matches a folder in the inventory library, anyone clicking on the link will have their outfit replaced with the contents of that folder.
If the folder UUID is for a non-Library folder in your normal inventory, the link will replace outfit when you click on it, but won't work for anyone else.
It's actually a feature, not a bug or exploit - see http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_URI_Name_Space

The link you clicked on may not have looked like secondlife:///app/wear_folder/?folder_id=xxxxxx, it could have been obfuscated.
Another feature of the V5 based viewers is you can set custom link text using 

[URL Custom_link_text_here]

 Hovering over any link in the viewer will always expose the URL though.

On V5 based viewers, the secondlife:///app/ links are now blocked by default in chat history - you'll get the message "A SLurl was received from an untrusted browser and has been blocked for your security" when you click on them.
This change got a few complaints - see BUG-5536 & linked issues.
You can still chose to run the secondlife:///app/ links by right clicking -> Run.

The secondlife:///app/ links still work via left click in legacy profiles & group notices though, as far as I'm aware.



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