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Hey yall,

  Im having what may be an issue with testing a bento animation/pose im working on. It seems to test fine at first, then it reverts the hand position to the default. not sure what is going on. Im new to the bento world, but not the animation world lol. Any help in the right direction would be great. Ive never had an issue before with the testing before the upload *shrug*

Making it with blender avastar.

Wearing the Maitreya: Lara body.

https://gyazo.com/6a301d37031fc7ebf6a79138ca29deab   :what its suppsed to look like

https://gyazo.com/983a2bc9e3236d10bbf8e50c38f6bd28  :what it does after a few secs. 

https://gyazo.com/4e7c3e8e5f6e5a13ff5b2958da78800f   : what it looks like in blender

Thanks and God bless.

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I just commented on a similar topic here 

What i wrote there perhaps can't apply here as the issue seems to be related to a subset of bones; yet a basic principle in animation is valid.   "make sure in blender the priority is around 6 and it works"... around 6? that's the maximum priority allowed and should not be used so lightly. Your issue was due to the base animations of your bento hands, firing the animation loop every now and then. It's the base animation's fault, being too high priority. Complain to the producers. There's no reason as for using high priority animations on Bento bones, since they do *not* have default animations to override at all, to begin with. That creator might have used priority 1 and no default animation would ever pop in, like it happens on the body animations. A wise use of priorities makes a big deal of customization possible, via blending many animations across several priorities. Doing as you did just eats up animation room: the original content creator voids the use of priorities lower than X, the other content creators in turn will try to hard-override the original content (as you did), leading to a big mess and to a lack of available animation priority slots in the long run

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