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Looking to have a shirt meshed for the signature gianni mesh body!

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I am currently looking to commission a mesh creator, to create a/some big-bellied/fat/pregnant-looking mesh shirt(s) (most likely a t-shirt, and tank) for the signature - gianni mesh body.

That means you will need to obtain a pre-existing shirt for the gianni body via the marketplace, or you'll need to obtain the dev kit which you can do here; https://www.signature-sl.fr/devkits

Yes I'm aware that I could buy one on the marketplace and just modify the stomach(s) of said shirt & tanks. :o

I would rather stimulate the Second Life economy, as it were, and pay someone to make it for me. :) 

Very flexible on rights/usage a& costs as long as it turns out great~!

Feel free to contact me in-world, which you should be able to do by searching "RiderDavis" in-world or (if the link works) by copy/pasting and clicking in your viewer chat: secondlife:///app/agent/c07bd7d0-1c34-4e27-b86f-d637ad3aa9f2/im

Thank you in advance!

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Your request probably hasn't received any attention because it doesn't make much sense, plus has other dependencies.

I have applied for dev kits from Signature (not because of your request though) and as is often the case, been ignored, no reply - no refusal - nothing.  How can creators even hope to make things against requests when the simplest of pre-requisites, the dev kit, is not given out?  It's a situation which is frustratingly bonkers.

However, it doesn't matter which mesh body, the way that it would be made is by using the dev kit as a mannequin and creating a new shirt around that, nobody can use just buy a shirt off marketplace and modify that, not unless that item was already available as a separate .dae file download which would be a full permission item.

That's still not the reason though!  When using the mannequin around which to model, the vertex weights of the shirt would be matched to the underlying body, such that changes in the body shape would influence the shirt shape.  There's be little point in using a mannequin with a six pack flat stomach and creating an artificially bloated belly shirt which when rigged, would distort even further when the shape sliders in SL were used.

The right way to achieve the result you're seeking really is to just use the shape sliders in SL and you can already obtain a shirt and you have the body so there's nothing to create (even if Signature were to grace creators with their dev kit)!

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I'll try to go through and address the different paragraphs in your reply. It's certain quite a bit to think on!

1.) The response time / behavior of the dev-kit owner is something I have no control over, so whilst I understand the plight there's simply nothing that I can really say on the matter besides it being unfortunate. I am but merely an owner of said body, trying to get something made for it as best I can. :)

2) I am aware of the process of creating mesh, as I tried to convey in my original post. As for not being able to modify it without a .dae file, that is EXACTLY what I was suggesting. There ARE creators selling shirts WITH the downloadable .dae that a user could buy and modify if they so choose. I could do the same, I just rather give away the opportunity for someone to make some L$. xD

3) As far as simply editing the shape, it is rigged and to a degree this is slightly possible. The problem is that the gianni is rigged in a manner that the stomach controls the groin. So, by extending the stomach on a gianni shape, the pants end up making the groin look like a giant torpedo.


While somewhat extremely comedic, it doesn't lend itself well to my intent. I'd really need someone to merely edit a pre-existing shirt, and give it a bump of sorts, that still ends at the original unaltered waist band of the shirt. Editing the shape to accomplish this just ends in undesired results.

4) As far as the vertex weights, I'm aware of this. As outlined above, they kind of need to be, as the shape really can't be adjusted to accomplish what I'm attempting to accomplish. The shirt needs to do this on it's own. Really, ordinarily I'd agree but because of the way the gianni was made, using the belly slider results in rather strange behavior from the entire pelvis/groin region entirely. For women this wouldn't really be a problem, because women's clothing doesn't usually HAVE a "bulge" of sorts, that becomes laughably tweaked when stretched way out.

Looks like I'll likely be on my own for this, which is quite alright, was just wanting to be polite and give someone the opportunity. :)

Thanks for the feedback on either accord, and have a great week!

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I see, yes that does become a bit odd!

As far as the creator kits though, I wish every mesh body purchaser would nag to utter hell and back, the mesh body vendors to tell them that by not being more open with their dev kits, there's no support other than from the run of the mill main clothing creators.  If that's their intent, that's fine.  They should just state that so that potential customers of their mesh body, know in advance what their options for clothing and accessories is likely to be.

The pressure needs to come from the customers of the mesh bodies, a single voice from someone asking for a dev kit just goes unheard.

Have a good week yourself.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1221 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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