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I just came back to SL after about 7 years.  Getting used to this mesh. 

I bought a Slink Physique mesh body  and Eye Candy Gigi mesh head. 

I cannot get my face and body skin to match.  I keep seeing  works with Slink Visage mesh head but I have not found that.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?


secondlife-postcard (1).jpg


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If your mesh head supports Omega appliers (I notice that only some Eye Candy heads support it), then the best solution is to buy a third-party skin package which includes an Omega applier, as this can be applied to both your body and head, for a guaranteed match. You will also need to buy the Omega relays ("system kits") for both Eye Candy and Slink, either at the Marketplace or the Omega inworld shop (where it is cheaper for group members).

If it does not support Omega, then an Eye Candy skin for Slink or Omega (which you would apply to your Slink body) might be a good match for one of your head's standard skin tones.

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