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Enforcement of TOS


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I have been harassed by one person for almost 3 years. Most say block him and he will go away.   Nope.  40 alts opened and closed, harrassing friends, paying people to either contact me, posting false statements in groups  (he posted that my partner died and it was such a shame I cheated on him the whole time. That was just one  ).  He has posed as a woman to seduce my partner then sent me part of the chat.  Let's just say he was very ill.  But thats not all.  If I block or ban him it gets worse.  He gets chat logs of my personal information and most were altered.  Recently he managed to get one woman I never really met so upset at me, she sent a defaming notecard of a conversation we had to 30 or more in SL to ruin my reputation and worse disclosing personal medical information she got from him.  She had someone ( pretty sure timing was not a happenstance) send a virus to my computer which bounced back through the modem on the BOT NET virus. The virus it sent was the COM Surrogate.  You Plug any computer to the net poof its got it,  8 computers were killed.  One had the OS gone.  Get ESET it blocks this).  She had the sim greifed so well sim owners couldnt stop or control the greifing. however the hacker also stopped scripts.  I have a Childrens Zoo with 20 different breedables on Auto Feed.  Lots starved or I had to pay a ton of Lindens to get meds, I will say allot of the big creators when they heard donated medicine, animals, and Lindens, thank you so much.

But wait that's not all.  Same person threatened in writing that she would send her brother after me as she said "3 minutes with him and she will be in a padded cell".  She said this as I do have a managed disorder that he gave her.  

All of the information was given to Linden Labs for over a year.  The stuff with this woman just happened this last few months  ( on my  birthday thanks ).  Then he gets another woman (I was giving her stock that I had too much  of or didnt need) she asked to be friends on Facebook said sure.   ( the animals I gave her at no cost all were pure   limited additon siblings rated rare or very rare ) Huge mistake.  My security is set  on FB to just me and or freinds.  She got my personal information  from my page and passed it to the other 2.  Suddenly I get an  IM from a good friend.  He told me his Mother just got a disturbing text from me.  I didnt send it. They sent it to her.  

Next thing. 10 accounts in my name pop up.  

I have been trying to get support at both sites to do something.  All I get from LL is the canned response.   Then they close the ticket out.  10 tickets later. 91 screenshots saved on GYZO and they still won't respond.  I have tried  everything, there are charges being filed on these three, 5,000 or so in monetary damages so far. ( 8 computers were infected before we caught on.  We are computer geeks without  a life ) Happened to a rented computer.  1 laptop was less than 2 years old, 2 were less than 6 months old gaming machines.  I can run ultra np.

Is it me but it appears that the TOS was made because they had a blank page to fill?   There are violations all over this with supporting documentation for 2 years, people that are coming forward to verbally confirm the IMs he sent them.  I was sent copies that were part of the 91 images.  91 posts and still "Im sorry you had this experience.  But ...and ticket closed.  

Sorry to be so long winded but I needed to make it clear this isnt a simple cranky smurf that was saying perverted things.  

Any ideas on how to get LL to take ownership and ban these three?( Im working in RL very hard  to make sure they arent allowed to do this to anyone again) No way in hell they will force me to splaying.  I just want  LL back the TOS and not condone criminal  actions.    There are too many people in SL having serious abuse problems. Im ready to go on the 5pm news if it will help.  

What can I do to make LL pay attention?   Im now hearing stories he has been doing this stuff to women since he started, 10 years ago.  Not kidding there are 8 year old alts popping up. (Too bad he has at least three tells in all of them, even  the women.  Yes women alts he has used 3 so far)

Do I have to get on a plane and shove someones nose in this?

Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit and any constructive  advise is much needed. 

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Hello pennytrated,

I'm sorry to hear about these issues that you're experiencing.

Please be aware that we do not handle Abuse related issues through Support Cases, as these issues must be reported using the in-world Abuse Report system. Keep in mind that we cannot provide assistance for anything that is occurring on outside platforms, such as Facebook. We encourage you to reach out to their respective Support/Abuse teams and use the tools provided by those platforms to handle the situation there.

If you are reporting violations or abuse on our service, be sure that your Abuse Reports are clear and contain as much information as possible. Incomplete or unclear reports make it harder, or impossible for our Governance team to review. We also ask that you do not include screenshots from 3rd party services, such as gyazo, in your reports as our Governance team does not accept these as evidence due to the possibility of them being edited/altered. When using the screenshot feature built into the Abuse Report system, be sure that all information within that screenshot is clear.

If you are reporting something occurring in chat, be sure that it is clearly visible and not obscured by other windows. Do not copy and paste the chat into a notecard and screenshot it, as this can also be easily altered.If it's a griefing object, be sure that you have the object profile window open and clearly visible so that the name of the object and the object owner is visible as well.

If you are being sent viruses to harm your machines outside of Second Life, we again cannot assist with that. However, if they are sending you objects/links, etc, within Second Life please report this with as many details as possible so that our Governance Team can identify it. We always recommend that Residents do not accept items from others that they do not know, or click on any suspicious looking links. We also encourage Residents to keep their AntiVirus software is up to date and to run regular malware checks.

As with any harassment, if you fear this may have an impact on your real life, such as threats of personal harm or putting your actual safety at risk, we encourage you to also notify your local authorities so that they can assist you in taking the appropriate steps to ensure your real life safety. 

For more information on Abuse Reports, please read our Guide to Filing an Abuse Report in the Second Life Knowledge Base. 

If you have already filed an in-world Abuse Report, we thank you. For privacy reasons, we're not able to update you as to the result of the report once it's been actioned, but you will receive an email confirmation that the report has been received by our Governance team.



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I only briefly skimmed your concerns ... but those parts were enough: why bother with that little bit of nothing that LL can do?
That harassment has very well crossed border into real acts, criminals ones on top of that.

Get a good lawyer with some experience in (cyber-)stalking cases, file charges against the person and perhaps seek support of groups or agencies dedicated to similar problems.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1512 days.

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