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Looking For My SL Sister

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Hey everyone I'm new to using forums in SL. I thought that maybe this would be a good place to try and find any info on my missing sister

 Mura Fway Hanami (callmemura)

She hasn't been online since September 24th and she's totally ghosted on me, I can't find her friends because her groups are hidden. If anyone knows her or has any information please send me a message. I'm very very worried and I wanna know what's going on. If anyone knows her or knows anything please message me in world my name is

Shadow Fway Hanami (lilmizshadow)

I'd be so grateful if someone knows anything.

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On 16.10.2017 at 2:41 PM, x1rocket said:

You could try contacting her through discord... She has the same name (Mura) on the server



Who or what tells you its the same person? If you search for "mura" in skype for example, you find quite a lot users with that name.

People vanish sometimes. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they dont.
Maybe they disappear, because they dont want to play this game anymore, or because they dont have time anymore. Maybe they got caught by their RL Partner doing something they shouldnt have done. 
And there are even more reasons, why someone might not be online for quite a while.

So, please calm down and be patient. Wait for her, and when she is back, you can ask about the reason. 
If she vanished because of RL problems, you keep the friendship like nothing ever happend.
If your sister says, she just forgot to tell you she will be away, you still can slap her.

Best whishes for both of you

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