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Need help for script texture applier

Maily Adamczyk

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I already try to make a script texture applier for a mesh object, event with a hud, the thing is that for that I want just to drop the script into the mesh item and get working with the hud (Which I already did and it works) BUT, I want to know if there's a way that the script can be protect only on the mesh item that I want it to be applier even when I'm not the cerator of that.

I put a screen of what I try to saying.

This is a script mod for a head, of course, who make the script is nor the owner of the head, and the head doesn't comes with developer's kit, however it's protect for the fact that it can't be applier in another object.

Script defend.png

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If I'm understanding correctly you only want your applier to work on specific mesh prims or not at all if any unauthorized prims are detected.

We recently got access to an object's creation time via the OBJECT_CREATION_TIME constant for llGetObjectDetails().

A mesh creation time is unique by creator. There should not be two different mesh assets from the same creator with the same creation time even with bulk uploads.

This means you can use creator key + creation time as an identifier since it cannot be changed by script or normal prim modding means.

You can check creator key + creation time values for each link in a linkset referencing values stored in a list along with what texture and/or params they should receive.

This method will work in mod linksets no matter if common identifiers such as object names, descriptions, settext or link order are disturbed such as when someone consolidates their rigged attachments into one linkset.

You can also use this method to check for the presence of foreign/unauthorized mesh prims in a linkset.

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If you ask for

string Creation_time = llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(Object_UUID,[OBJECT_CREATION_TIME]),0);

then you will always get the correct creation date and time.  Remember the creation date is established with raw material rezzing through the build menu and with mesh uploads.
This time is NOT established with inventory rezzes, scripted rezzes, object modifying, copying or transferring. Therefore, if you make several copies of the same object, rez them from inventory, modify them, or give them to someone else, they will always have exactly the same creation time. 

You can get the creator's UUID the same way:

key Creator_UUID = llList2Key(llGetObjectDetails(Object_UUID,[OBJECT_CREATOR]),0);

Therefore, you can always compare any object's Creation_time and Creator_UUID against those two values to verify that it is a genuine copy of your original.

EDIT: If your object is a linkset, then the Creation_time and Creator_UUID will be the values for the root prim.  If you want to get values for a specific child prim in the linkset, use its own UUID ( llGetLinkKey() ) instead.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1393 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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