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The Guild of Lust is looking for members! Based in the Shades of Immortality Fantasy Roleplay Sim, The Guild caters to the entertainers, dancers, and ladies and gents of the night in the shadier side of the City of Veldrea. Tucked away in the corner where the shadows lurk, sits the base of the Guild of Lust, Heaven and Hell. The "Bathhouse" that is the cover for the actual business, the brothel, and its patrons. 

I am looking for Dark and Light characters for the Guild and the H&H. Also:




a Manager or two

"Bath" Assistants

and The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Night. 

So if you are interested or want to just roam the sim follow the TP and come seek out the Guild Of Lust. You can't miss us! Look for the Blue and Red Banners!


Shades of Immortality Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Sim


Image Created by the Wonderful and Amazing Sai Tsubaki (saitsubaki Resident)



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Morning! Afternoon! Evening!(covering my bases)

I would like to tell you about the Roleplay Sim "Shades of Immortality". It's this wonderful sim that was created by someone that is utterly brilliant in my eyes. As much as people hate huds...So does she. But she still wanted to create one that allowed players to have options and NOT LEVELS! It has all the little buttons. IC/OOC, AFK, some dice if you want them, even a teleport button so no more folders full of Landmarks. And this other little button. FOr those that like ERP... This allows you once you hit it to RP with just those that have the button active! It's great! Changes your titler to match it.

But I could go on for hours about the Hud. The Sim itself has a rich history that is open enough to allow change. 3 Factions to choose from, and 4 Guilds. That's it. And a lot of races are allowed! Pretty flexible, I know I play one that was approved, its different than one of their listed races. So they are really flexible!

The staff is small, but we have lots of positions open still for players that want to jump in and lead! The admins want to play too and would rather hand the big roles to players! 

But don't take my word. Follow the links and see the images yourself.


Shades of Immortality Website



Shades of Immortality Album by yours truly!

SoI Flickr Group

Want to see more? Come here:
Tp to Shades of Immortality

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    If you're interested in delving into a new place gracing the category of medi-fantasy RP, Shades of Immortality might be worth checking out! 

    September 27th is when the sim opened and as it's rather fresh on the market so to speak, there are still plenty positions to fill for those with time to invest into the roleplay and make a wondrous story for all who choose to be involved! 

     The sim has a wonderful custom-built HUD with a plethora of useful features such as simple things like toggling between AFK/IC/OOC, a newly implemented toggle mode for those who are having some 'behind-doors' type fun while also not impacting the flow of nearby RP, a built-in list of teleport locations for ease of access and acquainting one's self with the lay of the land, and several preset slots for alternative characters you may want to play!

     Currently there are three established factions, the Alliance of the Renounced, some could label a band of misfits seeking to do the best they can, as they can, the Abyssals, where your demonic sorts and pals will be right at home bathing in greed, lust, and all around maliciousness, and the Redemption of the Misled, a group of zealot-like Angels and a myriad of pious mortals sticking to the old ways and mentality of "Only good demon, is a dead demon!" while still intent on guiding mortals down a path of redemption!

     There are many options here for many different mindsets and preferences according to your tastes! Guilds of magi, guilds of fighters and guilds of lustful sensual folk seeking to sooth those in need of 'stress relief!' Feel free to swing on by and test the waters, explore the sim with an observer tag and dive right in alongside the rest of us!

Shades of Immortality Teleport

Shades of Immortality Facebook Page

Flickr Group for Shades of Immortality


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Shades of Immortality is a high-fantasy medieval-ish roleplay sim set in the magical world of Ethillon and the many planes in its universe. Be a part of one of three factions vying for control over the planes, or remain without allegiance, sowing law or chaos as you please.


Shades of Immortality Website

Shades of Immortality Landmark

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The Heaven and Hell is tucked against one of the major city walls in Veldrea. A place masquerading as a Bathhouse when in fact it is the local Brothel. Ran by the Charismatic Liyah Vok'narok, the establishment caters to the carnal needs of Veldrea and the Planes. Angels and Demons are welcomed and all the races between. 

We are looking for all sorts of staff! 

This is a Roleplay Role: No Linden will be paid for this but IC(Pretend) coin will be handed out. 

Want to know more?

Contact Liyahdeloncroix Resident or come visit us at:

Shades of Immortality

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