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How to Stream YouTube film to SL in fullsize without the Youtube page!

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Hi all!

I have search the Knowledge base for how to stream YouTube clips in Mp4 format!

There is a post mention how to do it and also a link for a page to download a

converter! There was a small tool or icon you put in the menu on Firefox web browser

and you used that one to copy the clip in Mp4 format!

The tutorial is here

I think it is little outdated now and YouTube stop the possibility to download in Mp 4 format!

It is little boring then you link to the video to SL and it load up the full page on YouTube and

not play the video in full size on the screen!

Is there a way to get around the problem so you get the full size video instead of the page

from YouTube!

Thanks again!

Alf k



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Yes.  You need to use the embedded link.

For example: if you want this video to play in full screen mode: (Short link:

The important bit here is the numbers in the link, in this case: S3bzu6DKDKc

You need change this to the embedded link. For this example, that's


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