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Looking for Clothing builder for kemono fitted torso.

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I would like to to find someone that is able to build this outfit for me. I would like a hood cloak that would not only cover me and hide my body, but also able to hide my face with a shadow of some sort (if its not possible then its fine). But heres the tricky thing, I would also like the hood to be scripted with the following animations: hood can come off to reveal face (pretty easy one), and the ability to animate it to make it look like I'm ripping of the cloak and hood (I know this will be tricky so if you can do it thats fine). I was Playing megaman zero 2 on the game boy advance and the opening of him walking with a cloak and ripping it off for a fight looked super cool so I want something like that. Please contact me in SL if you are interested in the job. 

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