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Looking for Roommates!

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Heya everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! 
So I thought renting out rooms in my house would be a good way to meet new people and make friends. I have 3 extra rooms and 1 bathroom that I don't use and since its just me living in my house I figured I hopefully could find roommates. :) 
I'm super easy going, I have been in SL for a couple of months so far. I only know a few people. I don't really go to clubs or anything like that very often. I think I've been to 3, lol. I'm kind of a homebody/shopping addict, so thats mostly where I spend my time. I'm trying to branch out and meet new people, but I swear I never stay in one area long lol. I'm always running around to different shops. Anyhow, I'm young, prefer not to say my age here, but if you have to know, just ask. Yes, I'm legal, lol.  I'm really independent and I'm actually working on the same sim that my house is on. 

I'm sure I could run into crazies by renting out rooms in my house, but everything comes with risks I guess. If you're too crazy don't worry...I'll tell you. Anyway, so as far as rent goes...its paid up and you're not in any danger of losing your place to live for as long as you want to live there. I've never been late or missed payments or lost land or anything like that. You can pay me directly and I'll just put it towards rent for the next week. I'm not asking a lot for rent, actually I hate discussing money, so I'm not going to say how much rent is. We can discuss that and determine what you can afford for the amount of space that you want. We just have to be mindful of our prim usage. :) 

So, if you want to come look at the house, the area, rooms, etc just send me a message inworld :) 

<3 Emma 



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