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My vision as owner is to create structure and entertainment to enhance quality in our music events that inspire patrons to visit and return, eventually leading to building our VIP membership.

** Plan events with a BDSM theme while thinking outside the square. These events will take place at least once a week, excluding our weekly events supported by our sponsors with Prizes and cash give aways.

-- Theme examples - 80's prom, Zodiac party, King Tuts & Egyptian *****s, Gag event, fetish scrubs & nurses, BDSM play parties, Kidnapper & kidnapped, Spotlight party. 

** Work with the management & staff to ensure all details about the events are accurate and complete ready to go.

** Seek sponsors for our BDSM events where gift cards, gifts or cash is donated to us to entice patrons to attend.

** Advertise and promote the sim in any way possible.

** Advertise in the forum daily, even if it is to bump the advert up to the top of the list by adding to the advert in the comment section below the advert. 

**Manage Facebook daily, adding pictures of events, daily schedule and just simple messages keeping it active.

** Be able to fill in hosting or to send notices for a staff member.

--Work and communicate with our operationsat least a month in advance to ensure these events are correctly staffed. 
--Communicate with our builder and decor specialists ( Sir Tiberion & Raethe) your vision of the events so that they can build and decorate your vision.

-- Communicate with owner regarding funding for these events to complete necessities for all involved to complete the event.

-- Supply a written NC with content about the event including prizes, themes, DJ & host and any other details for Metztli to add it to SL Events. This must be down at least a week in advance to the event.

Updated Sept 2017

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