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Silly Sassy woman seeks friendship

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*Waves to all*

Hello Everyone!!

I have wandered all over this great big world and I find I'm lacking friends.  I would love to meet some new people. I'm currently only looking for friendship but who says men and women cant be friends as well?  I love to chat, love music (all kinds), shopping, wandering, relaxing and hanging out.  Ohh even love causing some harmless trouble now and then.  In general I'd just love to find people who smile when I log in.  There has to be a few..maybe two? Even just one? Don't make me beg, I'm seriously no good at it!  I have cookies?  Drinks?  A blanket fort? 

IM me either here or in world. (Rhaevyn Resident)

Hope to meet some good peoples soon!!  :D:D

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47 minutes ago, Rhaevyn said:

Thank you Akasha, I will search it out and head on over shortly :)


but then I could stop being a lazy git: here´s the link to the group secondlife:///app/group/d0f1fa9f-1a8b-8074-b111-a3fac92fea07/about  ;)

Gonna head over to the Hangout in a sec ..dunno how long I can stay but it will be a bit^^

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