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I am looking for a centaur avatar.

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I have looked and looked for a good centaur avatar and I really cant believe how small the centaur community is. Even the xenomorph is doing better than the centaur on sl. 

This is what I have researched, please tell me if I am wrong about any of these:

Breeders Choice Centaur- Would have been perfect but it was unfortunately made before bento and now people are complaining of animation problems and nobody is making mods for it anymore.

BeetleBones Centaur- The front legs are oddly shaped and from what I have heard it does not work well with any AO's

Realistek Centaur- There isnt much information on this one. But because of the price I am not going to buy it until I know more about it. If any of you have it or know anyone who does please speak with me.


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