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Oceane Grumiaux

I want to sell my company (skins and makeups etc) after 9 years...

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Hi all, after 9 years of high end creating I decided to sell my company/brand/business. I never thought I would because I LOVE my Oceane deeply. She has been with me since 2006, 11 years now and because of her my life changed in every way thinkable. Because of her I lived in Sicily, because of her I met incredible people. I was able to build up a successful business with a steady amount of income. And now I want to sell... 
My real life changed recently. I met the love of my life and started a new company in real life. This is of course good news, however it is sad in a way to let my Oceane go. Yet I want to because I feel I need to. I want it to sell my business to someone who would be as passionate as I am about creating. Yes I could sell everything full perm in bits and pieces on the Marketplace, but I do not want to. 
Now, what do I offer?

- all my created skins, classic and appliers for TMP, Omega, LeLutka, Catwa.
- all my created skin bodies for Omega, Slink, Belleza and Maitreya, also the older retired ones. 
- all uploaded templates, uploaded for my skins, make-ups, lashes, butterflies and more
- all created make-ups and templates (so you can make your own make-ups from there as well)
- all vendors
- my stores inworld 
- my marketplace content
And much more...
Everything is 100% my own content! I also have a website, a facebook account, a flickr and so on. 
I am basically looking for a person that takes my place and understands about creating and doing business. You can of course sell the business under another name. I will sell all my content.  
There is much more that I can say about it, but if you are interested contact me. 

You can contact me inworld. 
This is my mp store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/7401/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=gina

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this sounds a bit to good to me, is really everything you mention here transfer?

Or do you mean to sell your whole account?... because that's not possible without permissions of LL.

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No Alwin, it is not to good to be true, I just want(ed) to move on. However, you are right, it is not possible to sell an account without permission of Linden Lab. it seems to be against TOS (I didn't know that). So that means I cannot sell my account, unless I ask specifically if they would be so kind to let me sell it.
I have had several requests now, since I posted this. If I still would want to sell there are a few options. Basically it means I would have to make everything full perm and sell it that way. I won't do that now because I do not have the time or energy. I am sorry, but it is what it is. 
This means that for now I will stay and make the best of it. 
I wanted to remove this topic, but that seems impossible as well. 

Thank you for your interest and thank you too Love. 

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If you want to escape the content grind, you could just transition into template creation/selling. Get all those files set up for the MP.  Good skin templates are rare and sell for quite alot. At least... when they aren't stolen >.>

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