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Greetings Fellow Lifestylers,

Summer may be waning but things are heating up at Shadow Lands! 

Our goal is to provide our membership with a D/s community. A community you can be proud to be a part of. We are working tirelessly to provide;

FUN!  - DJ'd club and dances, games nights, movies nights, play parties and more!

MUNCHES! -  a casual meeting of submissives and Dominants, switches, tops, bottoms - (you get the idea, anyone with an interest in bdsm) to simply be yourselves with others of like mind and chat about anything, 

EDUCATION in the form of; 

Discussion groups. Some of these are lead by long time experienced Lifestylers in both SL and RL bdsm and have a chosen topic. Some are open to discuss topics of your choice.  

Demonstrations - flogging, caning etc! Techniques and Finesse. 

Submissive support groups

Dominant support groups 

Mentorship programs

As with all communities. They exist because of everyone's involvement. We are currently seeking; 

Hosts -   contact Enya  Footman- ?-Host Manager 

DJs- contact Deelightful brat ? or Brunor ? - DJ Managers

For other positions; 

Discussion Facilitators  - Contact Dee
Demonstrators (flogging, caning etc techniques workshops and demos) - Contact Dee
Mentorship program leaders- Contact Shadow Lands Owner  Katerina erin ?
Dungeon Monitors/ Security contact Shadow Lands Owner  Katerina erin ?

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas and getting you more involved. Although we do require some staffing, mostly we need your participation to make Shadow Lands the best it can be. Come out to the events!  Get to know fellow members! This is YOUR community!  

All kinks (other than *****) are welcome! 

Non human forms (Anthro -eg. Furries) are welcome! 

At Shadow Lands we adhere to the creed of Safe, Sane and Consensual. Also RACK (Risk aware consensual kink) There is no forced anything. Any scenes between parties unknown to each other must be negotiated and agreed upon as to the content of play, limits and safe words etc. Non compliance as to Shadow Lands rules and regulations will not be tolerated. 

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