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I wonder why you ask for one connection when the viewer opens so many connections that they barely fit on a screen.

The viewer opens about 5 to 20 connections to the sim server and another 5 to 20 connections to your endpoint of the cdn network. And a few additional connections from the slplugins. Don't know the max. open connections since that changes when connections open and close. As long as my router can handle it I didn't bother to count them all :) The data of your avatars environment is sent over UDP. Movements, positions and so on. That's easy to handle for the server and the fire and forget packets cause no protocol overhead. Standard for many online games.

The sim does not try to access you - it answers the connections that your viewer opens. Since the UDP connection is a one way road for data it may look a bit different. If your firewall makes trouble, slap her and tell her to behave. :) 

The port is a different one for every connection btw.

That's what I see when I look at the viewers activities. I didn't see anything unexpected.

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On 9/16/2017 at 8:08 PM, Sarah Lunardi said:


for what is the Port 55648 via UDP?

My firewall blocks this from

No such udp port should be in use between Viewer and a Simhost.  If you see this again, please record as many details as possible (date, time, timezone, linden sim IP address <216....>, region, etc.) and file a Jira or at least reply here.

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