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Gracious, we're doing one of these posts. 

I recently find myself without an official SL job due to the last place I was working at has closed. A little about me - I've been in SL for roughly 10(ish) years, although Nora has only been rezzed in since early 2011. I have a lot of little side gigs that I do and always enjoy the extra practice to hone my skills. I create dancers, gestures, and similar sound objects. I also love photography, both posed and otherwise, although only recently have I been using my Flickr account again. I love landscaping and terraforming, and have years of experience in that, as well as sim management, community roleplay management, tier management, etc. I've done my dip in wedding planning, event planning, and similar decor-related things. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out Blender or meshing, although I hope to take more time to focus on that soon, as I'd really love to build houses.  I truly love dealing with people and assisting in whatever way that I can.  I take rules and guidelines seriously, and pride myself on professionalism. I'd love to stay somewhere in the real estate type of thing, but beggars can't be choosers. ;) 

If you have any connections or know of anyone searching for a workaholic, I'm your girl! 


**I am NOT looking for a job related to "adult" shenanigans, and would like to avoid the club scene or anything that requires me to prance around in my panties. It's getting a bit too chilly for that ;) 

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We have developed a new table game in SL and are looking for individuals to create trivia content with associated sound files for the game.  

You would need to source trivia questions & answers, let's say it is music, you find question with 4 possible answers, then you would need to source a sound file (song clip), record it and save as a wav file for importing to SL, then create a question/answer nc following a specific scheming format.

If you think you would be interested, please contact shane Foresight or Kaijah Chrome.  The salary is based on 20 question/answer/sound files, once verified all is correct you will be paid. Once content has been tested and verified to be correct, you would be paid 100L per 20 question card.

If you want to do 1 and be done all good.  If you want to do more and keeping going, all good.  Amount of content provided is solely up to you!  Please contact me, Kaijah Chrome or shane Foresight if you are interested.  Thank you!  Kaijah

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